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“These cannoli are truly incredible! The ricotta filling is seasoned just right. The shells are crisp, tasty, and perfect right out of the freezer. Absolutely right up there with the very best!”


At The Cannoli Factory, we understand the artisanal methods needed to make a truly genuine cannoli. Our shells are hand rolled the old fashioned way, with a touch of cinnamon, then perfectly cooked to a flaky golden brown.

Our cannoli cream is made with Impastata Ricotta, ‘The Gold Standard’ of ricottas. This fresh, delicate cheese has a light flavor and a unique, velvety texture that is like soft sweet butter.

Our Cannoli Kits, Cannoli Chip & Dip and Cannoli Cake are perfect for enjoying on your own, or sharing with friends and family. Buon Appetito!


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